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Frequency Transmuting for Your Highest and Best Self


Grace is the frequency that helps us past the shame and guilt stemming from the acts committed to provide fulfillment of the soul contracts we have chosen. As you learn to feel, manage and identify your own grace frequencies you will surpass those lower vibrations. This movement over time will become like a dancer gliding across a dance floor or a swan across a lake , natural easy and effortless.
We must remember and acknowledge that intervals of love are based on the many states of awareness and all love is collective. Grace facilitates healings and miracles without condition.
I ask this of you. Will you hold space for those who cannot fathom grace? Will you hold space for those who may not be ready for an existence without duality? Should you choose to hold space for these beings you will not only help to raise your individual frequencies but the frequencies of all.
I am ready, won’t you join me so that together we can uplift the collective as a whole. Do not fret if you are not ready for this is my truth. Please understand though that I will be holding space in the frequency of grace until you are ready.


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