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Frequency Transmuting for Your Highest and Best Self

Hello, my name is Angela Marie and I am an Intuitive Empath, Healer, Tarot and Oracle card reader, and Certified Angel Practitioner.

Who I Am

At the early age of four I began to see Spirit and at the age of five I was communicating with Multidimensional beings for comfort, now at the time I had no idea what it was I was doing I just knew that it brought comfort during those hard confusing times. The development and experimentation of these gifts was shortly halted as I was told that they were of the darkness and I was not to use them. I shut down my empathy and began to fear the communication with other beings.

I understood all my life that I felt different, now what does that really mean, as we are all One. I had a rough childhood and overcame many difficult situations, from abuse on all levels to a Traumatic Brain Injury and a multitude of dysfunctional relationships.  It was not until I finally stepped into my power , acknowledged who I really am, and reignited my fire that release and freedom were granted. You see I had always felt as though I was cursed and I had this affirmed by those that I felt I should be able to trust like my family and several partners. It was not until I started doing the work to let go of certain negative core beliefs and transforming my thought patterns that I was able to overcome all of the programming that was installed at a young age.

I am first and foremost a healer. I have helped facilitate my own healing as well as others through energy work and vibration. I always knew that I was meant for a bigger purpose and now I am here to assist all those who can relate to what I have to offer. I am now empowered, blessed, and honored to be of assistance to Gaia and others.