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Frequency Transmuting for Your Highest and Best Self

Welcome to Angela Marie,

The Vibrational Alchemist

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Many times we look outside of ourselves to find obstacles when we should be looking AT ourselves. We stand in our way with our limitations, fear and lack mentality. We create and tell ourselves stories or repeat stories that we have had validated by OUR choices. We can Choose to look inside rather than outside and tell ourselves GET OUT OF MY WAY prompting us to break through our barriers or we can continue to place blame outside ourselves and stay stagnant wallowing in the cages we create for ourselves.

What is Vibrational Alchemy?

Vibrational Alchemy is a healing and calibration technique that utilizes specific sounds, called toning, in combination with energy healing, chakra calibration, and a special blend of energetic healing skills taught to me by Spirit guides, my higher self, and past life knowledge.

It does not have to be done in person, and is just as effective over long distances as it in while sitting face-to-face.

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